Dental Bridges


If you’ve missing teeth that were previously nearby. Your dentist might have suggested replacing them with dental bridges and crowns. It comes in different materials, such as metal, porcelain, and ceramic.

A dental bridge is made to bridge the space left behind by missing teeth that were originally side by side.

Little confused? 

Let me explain to you.

It consists of dental crowns that fit over teeth adjacent to the space. These are called abutment teeth.

The replacement teeth or teeth are fitted among and attached to the dental crowns to complete the restoration. Each replacement tooth is referred to as a pontic. 

Want to know the best part? 

Dental bridges and implants near me are reliable ways to replace missing teeth. It produces incredible results in a way that’s responsibly non-invasive, and super fast to complete.

The procedure of getting dental bridges and crowns

Getting dental bridges and crowns placed usually needs two visits. During 1st visit, the dentist will remove a small part of the tooth—the damaged or cracked parts – so that bridge or crown will go over it.

When placing the bridge, the teeth on both areas of the gape must be prepared as such. After that, Dr takes an impression of teeth. Between 1st and 2nd visits, temporary dental cement was applied to the teeth to cover and protect them.

Here is the kicker:

During the 2nd visit, he places the bridge or crown on the teeth. When placing bridges and crowns, he will use a bonding adhesive; when placing removable dental bridges dentist will use chips.

Dental-bridges procedure

How long does it last?

The expected lifespan of the bridge is nearly 5 – 15 years. It depends on several factors, like:

  • Patient habits 
  • Care and maintenance of the dental bridge
  • Quality & Construction 

If you’re taking great care, you can expect your dental bridge to last at least ten years.

Advantages of dental bridge procedure

  • Improved smile 
  • Enhance speaking and chewing abilities 
  • Comfortable biting 
  • Prevent original teeth from moving out 

Are dental bridges better than implant procedures?

  • The big difference between implants and bridges is how they’re placed. But the main objective is to fill the space (gap) left by the missing tooth.


    To have a good understanding what treatment you’d go for. It’s better to consult your dentist before making a decision. 

Dental-bridges implant procedure

How much do dental bridges cost?

  • The cost of the dental bridge depends on the specific case. It’s the most vital factor in determining the cost of bridge repair. 

    It includes how many teeth are missing. The complexity of the procedure and further dental issues such as gum disease!

    Your insurance coverage also plays a key part in how much you pay out for dental bridges cost near me.

Do dental bridges have any complications or risks?

  • As such, affordable dental bridges near me don’t cause any issues if they’re fitted correctly and taken care of. The main issue with dental bridges is that they get loose after a couple of weeks.

    When supporting teeth are in great condition. The best dentist for dental bridges near me can help you place them back again. A major reason for dental bridge failure is to fall out of supporting teeth or decay.

Choose Nashville Implant Clinic For your Dental Needs

  • Both dental bridges and crowns have helped you to restore your cosmetic and confidence. As technology continues to advance, both bridges and crowns have come to seem like your natural teeth.

    Technology continues to improve daily, and more and more people have enjoyed their confidence and smiles entirely restored.

Now, what is the bottom line?

  • At Nashville Implant Clinic, we help you meet your dental and implant needs. Please get in touch with us for an appointment for a consultation today.
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